Today, I was reading a book on grooming your kids to become elite athletes.  Reading books by athletes is excellent for developing high-performance mindsets.  The book is called Mental Toughness for Young Athletes by Troy Horne and his athletic son, Moses Horne.  I’ve learned from this book that it just takes an idea—a flash of inspiration–for a dream to bloom.  For instance, you were inspired to pursue a university certificate, diploma, or degree at some point.  Who knows what battles you’ve fought, won, or lost, but here you are, tackling a life-changing goal.

But what exactly inspired you to start a university program?  My mentor pushed me to do so when I had no belief in myself.  Of course, you might have a different story.  Regardless, we all have unlimited potential, and just one encouraging word can change our lives.   Encouragement is also constructive in mending a crushed spirit, whether from a loss in sports, failure on an exam, or any other misfortune.  But the truth is that failure is necessary for success.  For instance, you can only be a star basketball player if you lose countless games.  Nobody wins every game unless they have a short-lived sports life.  Interestingly, according to Horne’s book, the best players often have the most losses.

But what stood out most in the book today was a blurb on Serena William’s dad.  Serena, as you may know, is a top female tennis player.  But did you know that her dad was inspired to turn his girls into tennis champions before they were born, despite him not having much money or tennis skills?  That’s the power of belief.

I have a young nephew who is two.  His family lineage has kinesthetic intelligence, and his great grandpa is an enormous sports enthusiast.  So, my role in my nephew’s life is exposing him to various toys, especially sports toys.  And I found for him the KidSport charity that funds one season of sports annually for children in need.  I also plan on sending my nephew books about the Olympian mindset and sports rules as soon as he can read them.

When children are continually exposed to various toys, you can better determine their true interests.  Of course, no matter what the child pursues, there will be successes, failures, and self-doubt.  But with a hard, intelligent work ethic, and lots of encouragement, any barrier to success can be overcome.

We all have unlimited potential, and a single encouraging word can ignite our dreams.  So, “believe in others until they believe in themselves.” That quote was from a friend’s mother who inspired my youth in ways I’ll never forget.  So, program the mind with nothing but positives to unleash our infinite potential.