Sure-Fire Ways to get Fit this New Year

The new year is almost upon us, so you may choose to make some resolutions.  If fitness is a goal, then you’ve just entered fantasy land, because the highs you are about to feel will be worth the pain and effort.  You will gain incredible results in as soon as three months.  With that said, here are sure-fire ways to get fit this new year:

Convert your home to a gym

Why not load your dwelling with gym equipment, such as a chin-up and dips bar, exercise bands, and other nifty devices?  When the equipment is right in front of you, you’re more likely to use them.  So, place these gym items in the room you use most often.

I am fortunate because I have a mentor who is a fitness expert.  As a result, I have all the above equipment.  With that equipment, I do two or more hours of exercise most days.  But I read that a fitness female guru does 45-minute workouts daily, and she looks super fit.  Even 20 minutes of dancing or yoga without any equipment is terrific.  It depends on your preferences and goals.

Enjoy your workouts. 

A workout can feel better than Disneyland for a kid.  It can be the day’s highlight, shooting off endorphins and producing excellent physical results.  The secret is the more you exercise, the more enjoyable it gets.  It’s like working harder and harder at school until you receive straight A’s and the highest mark in every class.  In other words, excellent results are so thrilling they inspire you to work harder.

During my master’s degree, I was so high on my workouts that I exercised for a minimum of 2.5 to 6 hours daily.  As my exercise was extreme, all I wanted to do was sleep, and I didn’t get much work done.  One lady, a soccer team captain, said she had to stop playing elite-level competitive sports because it affected her education.  So, find that right balance for working out where you feel the highs, you work hard, but you don’t wipe out.  That is unless you want to become an elite athlete.  Two to two-and-a-half hours of working out are my sweet spots, although I’m aching to do more.

Schedule your workouts.

Schedule time, such as lunch hour or after work, to exercise.  If it’s scheduled, then you’re more likely to do it.  In other words, exercise becomes habitual at that given time.

I’m so excited when it’s almost time to finish work.  That’s because I do my workout around five or six, which takes nearly the rest of the evening.  Then, around eight, I have an ice-cold shower followed by high-protein snacks.  It’s the highlight of my day.  The more consistently you exercise, the better it feels and the easier it gets.

Cycle everywhere you go.

Cycle to the gym, school, and work.  Bonus points if you don’t own a car.  A driver instructor advised furnishing a bicycle with mirrors, a horn, lights, and a license plate.  Also, he said to cycle in the center of the road and not off to the side.  That’s because, statistically, the cyclists who drive on the side of the road are typically the ones who get into accidents.  At least, that’s what he claimed.

But you’ll need to condition yourself for cycling.  For example, after years of not exercising, I did an hour of cycling, and my legs were so stiff I could hardly walk for a week.  So, I cycled shorter stints until I built up strength.  Then, as I didn’t own a car, I relied on the bicycle for all my transportation.  Cycling for transportation is a great way to develop cardiovascular fitness.

Socialize at gyms. 

Make gyms your favorite hangouts.  Enroll in a dance class, a martial arts club, or a yoga class with friends.  Or join a sports team, such as rugby, with or without a friend.  Fitness for fun beats hanging out at bars and clubs so far as I’m concerned.

My former work colleague and I may start taking spin classes together.  We’ve entertained ideas of cycling or doing martial arts together, too.  But in all honesty, I prefer to work out without any socialization.  Working out at home is just fun.

Treat yourself to a healthy snack after your workouts. 

For example, if you do a cardio workout, like running or cycling, then treat yourself to carbs like fruit, veggies, or oats post-workout.  However, if you do muscle-building exercises, like weights, follow your workout with protein.  And if you cross-train, which involves multiple types of exercises, combine carbs with protein.

After working out, I eat lots of protein, like Greek Yogurt, salmon, and beans.  I tend to overeat and gain weight.  But my pants are getting looser, and my stomach has, surprisingly, flattened.  Exercise makes food tasty, and you don’t need to worry about weight when you’ve burned off the calories.

Make a goal of becoming a fitness instructor.

Why not go for the gold and become a fitness instructor in aquatics, cycling, or group fitness?  You’ll have a blast, gain a skillset, and embark on an instructor-level fitness journey.  I knew a wonderful woman who owned an energy company and taught fitness classes in the park at lunch.  Oh, what a role model she was!  One day, I would like to teach fitness, too.

Your new year’s goal may be to gain a higher fitness level.  And once you feel the “highs,” you’ll countdown the minutes until your next workout.  But, of course, it’s the holidays, and there’s no better way to be merry than to get fit.