Vintage Voice

You’d think with all the people claiming they “follow the science”, that Friday the 13th wouldn’t still be a thing.  But here we are.

Not the Greeks again.  Deanna Roney muses on the sketchy origins of Friday-the-13th superstition and wonders why people persist in the belief of bad luck on that day.  “While Friday the 13th has historical significance, can we really attribute the bad things that happen to it? Or, is it all in our heads?”  Unconscious Superstitions, April 13, 2018.

But what’s with the crossing cat thing?  Voice editor Karl Low searches for the sense behind the non-sense of superstitions.  “If you read up on superstitions, however, you find many of them make a lot of sense, when taken in context. Breaking a mirror causing seven years bad luck, for instance, came about when mirrors were extremely expensive. ”  Editorial – Super Stitchings, January 13, 2017.