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Motivation magic.  Seems like the posts with the most responses are those asking about motivation, as one student—who put a pause on studies for two months and is struggling to resume—discovers.


Time to apply.  A soon-to-be-finished student asks for clarification on when to complete the apply to graduate form and others reply that the application can be made in the final semester or before or during the final course—no need to wait until it’s all finished.


Keys to the RESP.  A student is having trouble tracking down the exact documents that their bank requires to access RESP funds; a quick response by another student points them to the verification of enrolment form request link.


@aulibarchives tweets:  “Make learning about OER your new year’s resolution! With textbooks becoming more expensive every year, consider the affordances of Open Educational Resources at the Athabasca University library’s OER guide:”

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