Why You Are Terrific

You are a gift to this world.  Just your presence on this planet is cause for the heavens to celebrate.  Deep down, every flower, bird, and being sings for your success in this world.  You are nothing short of spectacular.  And here are some reasons why you are terrific:

Everyone has flaws, but your strengths are all I see.  Your strengths are incomparable as they are unique to you.  Everything you do well and do right leaves me in awe, as it all serves a divine purpose in this world.  Even your flaws are part of a wondrous fiber that sparks growth in the world where it is needed.

Parts of your past may be difficult to face, but they are gifts.  They are intended for you to grow into a higher state of love.  Your purpose in this world, I believe, is to become love.  How fortunate we all are to see you evolve into your higher self.  You are a beautiful sculpture in eternal fine-tuning.

It doesn’t matter what you’ve done; God loves you.  And I see why, too.  Caring for you brings joy.  The world is lucky to have you as an object of its love.  We can never be lonely if you are here for us to love.

Even the slightest effort you make to grow comes with infinite rewards.  Your tiniest efforts make this world a more magical, richer place.  And imagine what your more extensive efforts do.  How fortunate are we to be part of this world where you manifest incredible rewards through effort.

What might seem like a setback in your life is just a path winding around to an even better door.  No matter where you step, you are on your journey to your intended destination.  And that destination is unique to you.  And it’s pure bliss.  So how fortunate are we to cheer for you on your magnificent journey.

You can do no wrong.  You are just learning how to do things right.  Sometimes it’s the falls that make the sprints rewarding.  You are gaining experience—expertise—along the way.  And we benefit from the inspiration you leave behind as you grow from mistakes and prosper from achievements.

You are meant to be loved by everyone.  We are all here to love one another.  And you are a part of me, and I am a part of you.  The love I feel for you, I feel throughout eternity.  Anything less than love is a delusion.  Just like the birth of a baby, your presence is a miracle.

So, if I ever feel lonely, I know I can take a moment and think of you.  And what fondness that thought will bring.  That’s because, no matter what, you are nothing short of terrific.  Indeed, every living being is a gift to this world, meant to be cherished.

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