Music Review—Room Service

Artist: Haviah Mighty
Single: Room Service

Canadian rapper, singer, DJ, and producer, Haviah Mighty, has released a new single titled “Room Service”.  The single is available for streaming anywhere you get your music.

Haviah Mighty is from Brampton (apart of the GTA), which is actually where I was born and spent the first few years of my life.  Small world! In 2019 Haviah released her debut album, 13th Floor, which earned her the title of the first black woman to win the Polaris Music Prize for “Best Canadian Album of the Year.” Haviah went on to win a JUNO award for her 2021 mixtape, Stock Exchange.  With a musical style that incorporates “profound introspection” and socio-political critique, Haviah continues to push to carve out spaces that defy gendered expectations for women in hip-hop.  Now that’s an impressive resume!

Of her new single, Haviah says, “This song reflects on the many phases of denial that I experienced going through a recent breakup.  My self-worth was shattered, I convinced myself that things weren’t as bad as they seemed, and that it wasn’t my fault.  I was fully aware that this person had already let me go, by their mannerisms, the shifts in attitude, and the conversations we had.  I knew their heart wasn’t in it anymore.

But it wasn’t official.  Because of that, I had this glimmer of hope – as if the energy wasn’t loud enough, and as if I didn’t know what the outcome would be.  For me, this song grew into an anthem of lust, wonderment, desire and delusion.  The sultry lead melodies pull you in as I plead for my lover to wait for me.  Just hold on.  The bouncy synths playfully suck you into a vortex of heavy-hitting 808s and afro-style grooves that remind you that I’m not just a rapper – but also a singer, Jamaican, and Toronto-born.”

“Room Service” is a tender, R&B- and Afrobeat-influenced track.  I think the switch-up from her usual rap/hip-hop sound makes the song interesting and adds an element of depth—as if the person she is singing about is so important to her she had to change the style of music to align with her feelings.  The only other track of Haviah’s that sounds similar (at leas that I have heard) is “Wishy Washy” from the album 13th Floor.  Her usual sound reminds me of artists like Cardi B or Megan Thee Stallion, while “Room Service” reminds me more of SZA.

Overall, I really enjoyed “Room Service.” It’s honest, heartfelt, and relatable, while still being great to dance to.  I absolutely love the inclusion of Haviah’s culture with the Afrobeat influences.  I will mention that this song is definitely NSFW—it is heavily sexual and uses multiple swear words (including the “N” word)—so be mindful of who you listen around.

Check out Haviah Mighty on TikTok.