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Paying to pay.  A post about payment options when enrolling for AU courses reveals that Interac payments are no longer possible through certain banks, leaving fewer options that don’t result in extra time or extra fees.


Why so cynical?  In the #coffee-shop-lounge, one post makes a connection with AB’s announced tuition cap and interest rate reduction on student loans with the upcoming provincial election.


On the paper trail.  A student struggling with etext wonders if paper texts are available; replies include tips to check online book retailers, the library, and the text’s publisher.


@austudentsunion tweets:  “Feb. 13 is the official start of the 2023 Student Council By-Election, with nominations open to AU undergrads just like you. Voting will take place Mar. 16-21 to fill two (2) available seats on the AUSU Council.”


Missed the Faculty of Biz webinar on the AU MBA?  Checkout the recorded version, AU MBA Webinar – Feb 9, 2023.

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