The Impossible?

Recently I saw a sign that said, “Impossible is not fact.  It’s an opinion.” I’m not sure if it was an advertisement for Impossible Burgers, but it was compelling.

Anything terrific is possible.  You can have true love, a happy family, peak health, spiritual enlightenment, a Ph.D., subject matter expertise, incredible talents, a highly successful career, great wealth, and fame—all at the same time.  What better blend to strive for (although I’d personally opt out of the fame part)?

So, why not put together a list of all the things you think are great pursuits—even impossible—and knock each item off the bucket list?  But it’s best to formulate a bucket list based on general principles instead of specific ideas.  For instance, “gain a Ph.D.” could be written as the more general, “gain great knowledge,” for which gaining a Ph.D.  is one possible course of action toward that goal.

And for, say, “gain a talent,” a Google search brings up various talents you can choose from.  For example, the search might include creative talents like writing or painting or soft skills like leadership and caring for others.  You might take action to acquire the talents, such as joining an art class or buying art supplies.  But if the specific actions don’t help you become an artist, such as when you realize you enjoy singing more, keep your eye on the general goal: gain a talent.  That general goal will keep you on track, as many different actions can lead to it.

As another example, say you want fame.  In that case, a Google search will call up ideas such as social media fame, talent-based fame, media fame, or public figure fame, such as being a politician or business owner.  And there is fame at different scales, each with pros and cons.  A hard work ethic is the underlying principle of any worthwhile fame, especially the seemingly impossible fame like celebrity status.

As for the goal of gaining excellent knowledge, you are on the right track.  As you are likely a current or past student, you are acquiring the ability to learn.  And learning is meant to happen every day for the rest of your life, just like watering a plant daily, so it thrives.

Of course, universities and colleges are excellent means for obtaining higher and higher education, enabling you to specialize, earn higher incomes, and apply those resources to more education.  And if you want to claim an executive role at a public company despite severe disabilities or other limitations, education is a means.  I researched executives at big public companies, and most had extensive leadership positions, often with ten years or more work experience, or they had less extensive leadership roles but with extra education and certifications.  That’s the value of education.  And one CEO of a public energy company looked like a 22-year-old girl to me.  If she can achieve that status, why not you or me?  Truly nothing is impossible.  We can achieve anything by first declaring, “If he can do it, so can I,” with any role we desire to obtain.  We all have abilities and traits no one else has, which make us clear potential winners for whatever goal we pursue.

Since graduate school, I’ve discovered another great way to gain knowledge.  It’s through investing in accredited courses from reputable organizations, particularly ones that advance your career goals.  For instance, a Canadian Association of Sales Professionals (CPSA) course, which cost me over $2000, is a significant investment but gives incredible guidance in the sales process.  It can also lead to a sales management certificate, which has implications for becoming a Chief Marketing Officer at a public company.  In addition, the Canada Job Grant can be applied to recover costs.  In sum, the more time and money we invest in our knowledge, especially in degrees or accredited certifications, the more capable we are of achieving the impossible.

The sign I recently saw indicated, “Impossible is not fact.  It’s an opinion.” Honestly, nothing is impossible.  And that’s a fact.  So, dream the impossible, not just one impossible dream but many.  The world is truly your oyster, and you are its pearl.  And you’ve got what it takes!  So, dream big!  You deserve to have your every dream come true.