Can We Compete with Shania Twain in Our 90s?

Many religions believe in reincarnation.  I believe everything we do in this lifetime has implications for at least the afterlife.  But if there is an afterlife or reincarnation, we should ask ourselves this:  What if we’re better looking, fitter, wealthier, more famous, more talented, sweeter, and more intelligent than Shania Twain next lifetime?  Now, that’s a goal.

But we must prepare during this lifetime, even when we turn 95—especially when we turn 95.  So, how might a 95-year-old compete with Shania?  I saw a grandmother in her 80s who looked fit and attractive—for any age.  So, acquiring a fairly intense level of fitness is one requirement.

And we all know those 90-year-olds with the sweetest personalities—potential matches to the sweetness of Shania.  But they developed the wisdom to radiate the soul’s beauty.  And these women may often be wells of unconditional love due to that wisdom.  And wisdom can be found in every religion or self-help book.  So, wisdom is another criterion.

And don’t we all love the 80-year-old woman who pursues her dream of acquiring a university degree?  And I’ve learned that some institutions won’t charge for an undergrad after a certain age.  I know I would’ve stuck like glue to an 80-year-old fellow female student simply for the sake of adoration and admiration.  So, lifelong learning is another component of topping Shania’s act.

And what about these billionaires in their 80s or 90s?  At the very least, don’t disqualify the possibility of billions in your life.  Instead, please put it on your radar and tuck it away for the moments those doors open.  I guarantee doors are opening everywhere around you as you read this.  You can always push the bar higher and higher or take a giant leap into new possibilities.  Therefore, desire and self-belief are essential to making more money than Shania.

And, last but not least, talent.  I saw this extraordinary ballerina in her 70s or 80s or older.  True, she started young.  But what if she accumulated even more talents throughout her lifetime?  After all, one talent builds on another.  Just ask Wayne Gretzky, who developed outstanding skills in multiple sports.  The better we get at one talent, the better we get at the next.  So, one way to top Shania’s talent is to gain plenty of skills of our own.

Oh, and I forgot the part about fame.  All of the above can be catalysts for great fame.  How many fantastic movie producers are 70 or older, for instance?  And how many 80-year-old intellectuals or wise souls have published bestselling books?  The list goes on and on.  We can be as famous as Shania in our niches.  But we need to get our stuff out there.  Learning how to work the media can be as simple as phoning a news station, asking whom to contact, and pitching our story.  So, to get as famous as Shania, we need our gifts out there in the world.

Finer details come into play, such as turning every thought into a source of personal and professional development.  I plan on topping Shania’s stellar performance next lifetime.  And if I plan things right, I’ll achieve it in my 90s.  After all, we’ve all got Shania’s potential.