Vintage Voice!

Unearthing Classic Articles from Previous Issues of The Voice Magazine

This winter’s deadly avalanches in western Canada got us digging around in the archives for the blessedly few references to those mountainside slides of snow.

A vital link.  Deanna Roney of BC finds out firsthand the value of a satellite communication device when her husband encounters an injured snowmobiler in the back country.  “I watched the helicopter fly over my house and head over the mountains toward where they were, the sun was setting, and the temperature was dropping, it had been -30 C the night before.”  InReach, February 23, 2018.

Romancing the snowflake.  In one of the earliest Voice articles published online, Zoe Dalton looks beyond the English language’s limited snow terminology to the beauty and magic behind the snow bank.  “Beyond indicating a verb (i.e. it is snowing) as opposed to a noun (i.e. it is snow), many of us tend to regard snow as a vast, homogeneous pain in the butt.”  Nature Notes – From the Backyard to the Biosphere: Let it Snow, Let it Snow, January 1, 2003.