Music Review—Beautiful Things

Artist: Netty Rose
Album: Beautiful Things

New Jersey blues rock band, Netty Rose, has released their third EP, Beautiful Things.  The album is available for streaming anywhere you get your music.  It consists of five tracks: Come Back; Fair-Weather Friends; Riled Child (featuring Craig Cirinelli); Free; and Drown (featuring Chris Cirinelli).  A music video for the songs “Riled Child” and “Come Back” are available on the band’s YouTube.

Netty Rose is comprised of twin siblings—vocalist Annette (Netty) Coviello and bassist Rudy Coviello—who collectively write the band’s music.  Recently added is drummer Chris Badami and guitarist Jason DeGeorge.

According to the band, Netty Rose finds inspiration through growth, both personal and professional, and will continue to make meaningful music that listeners continue to enjoy.

Netty Rose reminds me of a mix between Carri Underwood and Kelly Clarkson with a rock twist.  Annette has a seriously powerful voice and a great presence in the band’s music videos.  Specifically, “Riled Child” reminds me of a rock version of Carri Underwood’s “Before He Cheats”.

“Riled Child” is definitely a song that you could dance to in a rock bar—it’s high energy, a little sultry, and has a catchy chorus.  On the flip side, this also means that I found the song to not have much depth, with lyrics like, “Nothing’s quite so pretty and nothing’s pure/Baby you’ve been a sinner since the day you were born/Chasin’ every storm, chasin every storm, chasin’ every storm in a full moon forest/Feelin’ smooth, feelin’ riled/Don’t you know I’m a riled child?”.  However, I did enjoy Chris Cirinelli’s deep, raspy vocals on this track.

The music video for “Riled Child” has western/pilgrim vibes—featuring the band playing outdoors in matching plaid shirts and cowboy hats, mixed with shots of Chris Cirinelli lighting sage and looking stoic.  Annette looks straight out of The Hex Girls (if you know, you know—this is absolutely a compliment!) while she walks the grounds mysteriously and whips her hair around in what appears to be a cellar.

“Come Back” is a song about still being hung up on a previous partner and wanting to rekindle the relationship.  Some of the lyrics are: “Stuck inside this time machine/Nostalgia’s my friend/Should light it up with gasoline/But then we won’t mend/Listen, baby, maybe I’m crazy/I don’t play the game/I know that you want to/You know I want you”.

The music video for “Come Back” is simple in comparison to “Riled Child”.  The band members are animated and performing one by one against a multicoloured, geometric background.  It reminds me of those old iPod commercials, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s just not exactly original.

Overall, I thought Beautiful Things was okay.  I could take it or leave it.

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