Our Rocket Ship is Launching

I don’t know how it happened, but my enthusiasm for life is at its highest.  I’m in menopause, so presumably life should be terrible.  But it’s not.  I’m on fire with joy.  I’m unsure what I did right or if it’s just luck.  But I have some insights that may interest you.  Here they are:

Whatever passion you have in life, invest heavily, not lightly, in it.  You might love travel.  If so, skip the local trips and do whatever it takes to take those cataclysmic trips.  Or if you love beauty, don’t just soak them up in photos.  Instead, seek out the most overwhelmingly beautiful spectacles and do whatever you can to withhold them in person.

If you’re like me and love lifelong learning, then slow down on LinkedIn Learning or Udemy and instead invest heavily in highly accredited courses that are sizable financial investments.  For example, my employer bought an expensive professional sales course for me, and I purchased a critical thinking course.  These courses have blown my mind with how powerful they’ve made my thinking and approach to work.  And the critical thinking instructor called me his “biggest star student—ever,” which was joyful to hear.  Taking courses for me is the cat’s meow.  It’s the nighttime marshmallow fire in the middle of the woods.  What is it that you love?  Whatever it is, invest heavily in it!  It’s your ticket to a life on fire!

Another way to achieve great passion is to listen to inspiring, energy-charging music on high volume while working.  For example, I have many songs from Top Gun fired up on my headphones while working.  And I highly recommend making a YouTube playlist of commercial-free, inspirational music.  It skyrockets energy.

The most significant idea is to learn how to love unconditionally.  When I gave selfless love to everyone, there came a tipping point.  The benefits of it are happening now, which has me floored.  People I love who were riddled with criticism toward me my entire life are suddenly praising me.  And it happens unexpectedly.  But I know to not get attached to praise or blame but to stay focused on the process.  We must control our minds to always be happy, regardless of outer circumstances.  That’s because the darker moments in life—the biggest hurdles—generate tremendous growth potential, too.  Hardships, which are treasures, are intended to bring us to that highest place of love.  The good news is that we can stay joyful and make healthy choices during even the darkest moments.

A key to entering a state of joy, I’ve realized, is a hard work ethic.  Of course, life isn’t perfect, and we all have flaws and weaknesses.  But that’s where a hard work ethic comes into play.  While unconditional love can transcend us into higher consciousness, a hard work ethic will transform us into powerhouses.  And if we fall, then spring up skyward, defying gravity.  That’s what a hard work ethic can do for us.

The whole idea of a glass ceiling is a myth.  That’s a victim mentality.  I prefer the metaphor of a rocket ship with unlimited possibilities.  And if the rocket ship fails to launch, imagine a better one—especially an impossible one.  Definitely an impossible one.  The higher we aim, the more we gain.

With just these few ideas, even menopause can be the most glorious time of life.  Everyone is magnificent with unlimited potential.  There are no exceptions to this rule.  Not one!  So, work hard, love unconditionally, and invest heavily in our passions.  And imagine our great rocket ships.  They’re about to launch—and we’re in the drivers’ seats.  And we can go anywhere.  So, where in the heavens shall we visit?

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