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APA frustrations.  Vague remarks from a tutor on a student’s APA citation formatting prompts much wondering on what exactly is the problem; a comment in the thread suggests having the Write Site review the assignment before submitting to the tutor for marking.


Where tutor is a dirty word.  A student attempts to seek clarification on obtaining outside tutoring but the post is blocked because the server identifies key words as potential spam.  A re-worded post prompts a conversation around the topic, as well as the blocking activity.


Just crickets.  A request for suggestions for an easy SOCI course (300 or 400 level) is met with a telling silence.  Meanwhile a post asking for tips on easy stats courses prompts a discussion on the merits of SOCI 301 vs CMNS 308.


@austudentsunion tweets:  “Getting to know your candidates will help you make an informed decision during the election voting period taking place from March 16-20. visit today!”