The Quran and Christian Bible Are as Close as Kin

I went to church as a teen but, shortly after that, left Christianity.  Then, in grad school, I started reading religious texts and books from all traditions.  Reading these sacred texts, self-help books, and books by various spiritual and religious authors was essential to my finding happiness.  I consider myself Christian, but I genuinely love all religions.

Years ago, I read two pages of the Christian Bible every night, without fail, for over two years.  I read it cover to cover.  I hadn’t been going to Church, so, at the time, the Bible was my only real exposure to Christianity.

And to my delight, I recently began reading the Quran.  And what a beautiful, holy text!  I found it astonishing that the Quran is almost the same as the Old Testament in the Christian Bible, but with Allah replacing the word Lord.  I’ve only read maybe 5 to 10% of the Quran.  But so far, the Quran is magnificent and very similar to the Christian Bible’s Old Testament.  The joy of reading multiple religious texts is discovering the common bonds that unite us all.

I believe the Quran and Christian Bible depart ways regarding the life of Jesus and Muhammad, although I need to confirm this.  To me, these two religions are like family.  There is no need to fear the Quran or the Christian Bible, as they are both profoundly beautiful.

But there is also credit due to Judaism, who came first, so I hear, as the originator of the Old Testament.  So, I’m awestruck that anyone would not love all three religions.  They are all marvelous—and have many cross-overs.

One friend had multiple near-death experiences and saw both Catholic and Muslim religions in heaven.  She said they coexisted nicely, and they were all beautiful.  But, of course, all religions, as all people, are stunning.  This thinking must happen in Religious Studies at universities, although I’ve yet to confirm this.

Eastern religions have their own unique set of similarities, especially about reincarnation.  For instance, Buddhism and Hinduism are similar, although the oldest religious texts, I believe, are the Indian Vedas.

In my view, everyone is a creation of God, and all people are equally beautiful but in their own ways.  And this life is intended to put us through hardships and highlights to bring us all to a higher place of love.  And if we can love and respect all religions and people, we’ve accomplished life’s most incredible goals, in my opinion.  I’ve developed a profoundly deeper respect for our Muslim friends.  And that common thread that joins us with them is a ribbon of love.

So, read the Quran if you get the opportunity.  It demystifies the beautiful, holy book and gives a profound respect for our Muslim community.  The Quran is indeed akin to the Christian Bible.  And I believe every beautiful religion is meant to be loved like every soul.