Choose Life: Medical Assistance in Dying

A beloved Voice Magazine writer (and they’re all beloved) brought my attention to Medical Assistance in Dying.  I’m happy she is against it because her life, my life, your life—everybody’s life—is incredibly meaningful.

I don’t want to delve into who “qualifies” or how “to apply.” But I agree with Elisa who said, “One life lost is one too many.” That’s because our lives, especially our sufferings, are treasures.  So, in sum, I believe Medical Assistance in Dying is assisted suicide—the unnecessary killing of precious and needed life in this world.  And every soul is precious and necessary!

I heard a true story about a fellow who will use medical assistance in dying in six years.  He is aging and doesn’t want to be dependent on others.  But he’s physically fit and sound of mind.  He exercises a lot.  But he seems more excited about dying than he does about the next six years of life.  This broke my heart.

In 2024, people with mental illness and another incurable condition may be “eligible” to die.  I may have been “eligible” to die.  And there were many down-points in my life where I couldn’t face another day and believed I had no hope for a moment of happiness.  One such period went on for over a year straight, and I dreamed of just a few minutes of joy.  But had I “checked out,” I wouldn’t have gained the wisdom and the joy I’m experiencing today.  As a wise soul told me, around every brick wall are brilliant rays of sunshine.

My life now is so phenomenal—so spectacular—that there is no way I’d want it to end, even if extreme hardship struck, even if everything and everyone was taken away and I had nothing.  That’s because I believe our hardships are treasures intended to help us grow.  And that intended growth, I believe, is toward becoming a more unconditionally loving and wiser soul.

The whole reason we are born is to live our life.  It makes sense, doesn’t it?  Chronic illnesses, mental illnesses, Lyme disease, disabilities, total paralysis, aging, everything is intended to help us grow.  Nothing we experience in life, good or bad, isn’t a gift for us to somehow become better human beings.  And everything can be overcome, whether physically, psychologically, or merely, but most importantly, spiritually.

Our existences contribute beautifully to this world.  Whatever we do, good or bad, triggers beneficial karmic responses for everyone involved.  And the whole purpose of karmic reactions is to help us all do the right thing, which is to love all others.  We can even learn to transcend hardships or negative karma by entering that higher consciousness of unconditional love.

I wouldn’t trade this life for anything.  And if hardship strikes so hard that I don’t know if I can go on, I’ll take comfort.  Hardship is a treasure in disguise—an opportunity to become more glorious and beautiful.  Being pushed out of our comfort zone sometimes takes extreme hardship.  It’s an essential component of growth.  But the rewards that hardships promise far outweigh the immediate experience.  In fact, the rewards are blossoming at this very moment.

If you are set for medical assistance in dying, I hope you would please consider reading Consciousness Beyond Life first.  Your existence—and your hardships—have a higher purpose.  Don’t choose to die.  We are all too precious—every one of us—no exceptions!  Not one exception!  And we all have a purpose—no exceptions!  Even when life feels purposeless—or even unbearable—it’s imbued with meaning.  So, choose life!