Five Cost-Effective Date Night Activities

In the summer, I like to bring my husky on a hike with my date as it helps bring her energy levels down but also keeps both of us entertained.

As the weather warms up, there are a lot of activities that are also opening up in the city.  For myself, I moved to Calgary about two years ago and have been exploring the city on the weekends and weekday evenings.  Since I don’t have any children, evening activities are an important part of my past-times.  I would recommend these to be a great second or third date.  For first dates I prefer the traditional sit-down brunch, lunch, or dinner.  Even an afternoon coffee; something where you can get to know the other person better before embarking on more adventurous activities such as hiking.

So what are some exciting things to do in any Canadian city?

Local hikes

One recent hobby I had was to explore different hiking trails around the city

If you’re into outdoor activities, hiking down rivervalley trails or provincial park trails makes for a good pastime for the weekend.  During the weekday I find I am more crunched for time and prefer to either stay indoors or within 10-15 minute drive from my home

Go for a bike ride

As the weather warms up, many cities have reserved bike lanes which make commute around the city easier and also gives a different perspective of the city.  I enjoy my summer bike rides so much that I got my own bike instead of relying on rental bikes.  A bicycle is also perfect for exploring provincial and national parks as you’re able to go much further at a faster pace.

Spa date

Given that I have decent medical and massage insurance, I love going on couple’s massage, as it is a time to completely unwind.  It’s a no-brainer when you can feel relaxed but also make this into a date activity.  For some friends and colleagues, it might be a pedicure date or even a couple’s chemical peel or facial date.  I find this is particularly useful for me since both my partner and I are busy and this hits two birds with one stone – relaxation and spending time with your loved one.

Visit the art gallery

Many local art galleries have weekly free admission days that allow locals to enjoy local artist exhibitions without the high price tag.  Art naturally sparks conversation and allows you to have some stimulating conversations.  Your taste in art may show off your personality and sense of style.  It is also a more relaxed setting where you can get to know your date more.

Take a cooking class

This is something I picked up from my days of ordering Hello Fresh boxes.  Sometimes my cooking may not be suitable for my partner’s palette or vice versa.  Companies like Hello Fresh allow you to experience different cuisines and try new recipes in an almost fail-safe method.  Cooking classes are another variation of this, where you can follow steps directly from an instructor.  Many cooking classes and community centers offer cooking classes for couples.  The best part is that after the struggle of putting together the ingredients, you also get to enjoy the meal.

Following Hello Fresh recipes have made me a better cook and also made our date nights more fun and refreshing.