Editorial—Spring Breaking

A quick reminder that there will be no Voice Magazine next week, but those of you on the brick-and-mortar schedule are likely knee-deep in exams right now, and everybody else is likely trying to plough through their course work so that they won’t have to worry so much once summer hits.

Meanwhile, we’ll be back on the 21st of April, but until then, I hope everybody has a happy Easter break.  To kick that off, this week in The Voice Magazine, Minds We Meet returns, this time with an interview with Darlene Miller, a school principal and AU student of Geology. She’s got some great advice for how to take on a routine to get you through your AU courses, and an interesting take on her proudest moment.

Since we won’t be around next week, however, I’d like to take this opportunity to point out the upcoming AU Research Forum which is supposed to have presentations from a number of AU academics, as well as some outside presenters and a session as well for students from AUSU and AUGSA.  The reason I’m bringing it to attention is because I’ve been hearing a bit about some of the presenters and it sounds like it could be a really interesting presentation, and an event the likes of which I’d hoped AU would be having while I was a student myself.  I know that brick and mortar institutions often have a variety of presentations throughout the year, and it’s something that’s a bit harder for AU to accomplish, though they’ve been stepping up in this area over the past few years.

Still, this was always one of the ways I felt that AU had some work to go to be able to live up to the reputations of its physically based cousins.  (Another way was in AU’s lack of sports teams.  I keep hoping that as professional online gaming grows in popularity, they may decide to sponsor a team, but perhaps that’s too frivolous.  Besides, Minister Nicolaides would probably insist they all move to Athabasca and practice at the Multiplex.)  Often these types of conferences are part of what makes a university shine, although as recent news reports show with various lectures being cancelled for being toxic or intolerant, and the provincial government stepping in to demand ‘free speech’ report cards, they can also be problematic.

For this forum, however, with presenters including one who focuses on Mathematical Psychology (say what?), or a professor of sound studies, this could be a bit of a mind opening experience, so I hope it’s well attended to show that there’s a demand and an enjoyment of this type of thing.

Also this week, we’re taking a look at how you can get deeper into bird-watching, and the things you can pick up to make it a more enjoyable experience.  And [blue rare] this week talks about that one teacher who happened to provide what you needed when you needed it, even if that might not have been a stellar teaching experience.

We also take a look at everything from hobby-horses to spicy foods, lingerie sales to prayer, and more! It’s an eclectic issue, yet we still fit in our reviews, scholarships, two weeks worth of events, advice, and more!  Enjoy the read!