How to Be Inspired

There are ways to feel inspired, whether in the good times or bad.  It’s an accumulative effect: the more “right” things we do, the more we burst with inspiration, although the “wrong” things are intended to put us on that right path, even if the path is miraculously winding.  And the beauty is that we all have the key.  Opening the doors to inspiration is inevitable in the grand cosmos.  So, here are ways to boost our moment-by-moment bursts of never-ending inspiration.

Acknowledge.  People love to be acknowledged.  So, smile at people.  Say hello.  Appreciate their choice of fashion.  Tell the merchants, “It’s so nice to see you again.  Thank you for your excellent service.  How is your day?” You can’t imagine how just those words brighten their day.  Whoever you speak to, say, “It’s so nice to hear your voice.” I told this to a doctor’s assistant today, and she paused and then spoke with a softer voice, filled with love, saying, “Same to you!” I learned these tricks in a sales course, significantly improving my rapport with people.  But they’re not tricks, per se; they are acts of genuine love.

Appreciate the little things: trees, birds, couples in love, a friendly merchant.  All the little things we may ignore can be excellent sources of inspiration.  Ask any author, monk, or happy soul.  They will all agree: the little things matter.  One near-death experiencer in the documentary Life After Life said something like, “It’s not the big things that matter,” such as the graduations or the promotions.  Instead, “it’s the little things that matter,” like the smile we give strangers when they’ve had a bad day or the warm coat we wrap around a loved one.  The more beautiful little things we do, the more we magnificently inspire.

Help others.  Volunteering for a cause we love can be inspirational, especially when applying a specialized skill.  However, using any skill or effort to help others is immensely valuable.  For example, I plan on helping a foundation I love to sell its courses in school systems.  And I’d be tempted to do the same for another beloved course provider.  Whatever cause we get attached to begs for our service.  And when we give selflessly, it generates a bond that goes on forever.  What could be more inspiring than that?

Aim so high that the target is way above the stratosphere.  And then map out a plan to get there.  I was once so poor that I’d eat banana peels to stretch the budget.  They are not bad, really.  But I’ve got a four-year plan to get all the education I need to earn upward of $150,000 a year (ideally $250,000) should my employer retire, or I outlive him.  And if my plan falters, I’ll create a new, revised strategy, increasing my upper earnings limit, even if my situation worsens.  I heard a quote saying, “If you can see your target, you’re not aiming high enough.” So aim higher than your vision to create cataclysmic inspiration.

Love others like our hearts are about to burst into fireworks.  If we don’t feel the tickly, delightful sensation of love, we can easily generate it.  And once we feel that burst of love—and not just think it—send it out to every being who comes to mind.  This practice is like building muscles through weights, but it’s building love through intention.  Then, try to focus that love in abundance on our significant others.  The bonds it creates will inspire us with overwhelming love.

And once we start pouring inspiration on ourselves and others, we’ll notice even more sources of inspiration.  It’s like buying a Hyundai and suddenly seeing Hyundai everywhere.  In other words, the more we inspire and feel inspired, the more our inspiration skyrockets.  And we deserve to burst with inspiration every moment of the day.  After all, our authentic essence is exploding with inspiration, behind the scenes, at every loving moment.