A Knack for Making Money

For a while, I didn’t work.  First, I was knocked out of the ring due to ten years of severe anxiety and chronic disease.  During that time, I’d search for ways to make extra money.  And indeed, nothing I searched seemed to result in anything that would make much money.

Since healing myself of anxiety and disease (through extreme dietary restrictions and lots of exercise), I’ve learned that the best and easiest way to make a lot of money is to work full-time and apply to careers above our pay zone.  That way, we can fund side hustles such as making courses, writing books, or freelancing, which generates even more revenue.  And we can fund the education required to gain skills that convert to profit.  Plus, we can share our wealth with loved ones and cherished causes.

But since writing my article about janitorial vocations and its potential upside, I decided to do more research.  For instance, could a dog-walking business generate significant revenue?  Likewise, teaching English online isn’t an effective revenue generator, but what about starting a business teaching English online?

So, I looked at what comes up when searching “ways to make more money” and then researched the actual salaries.  Often, articles that indicate ways to earn extra money feature low-income-earning potential jobs, which defeats the point.  But I’ve also discovered that one of the websites posting these paltry-paying lists is on the list, so it could be a strategy.  So, here goes:

Fitness instructor or personal trainer: $40,000 yearly, contingent on full-time teaching.  A gym owner makes $52,000 to $90,000 a year.  My view? Fitness instruction might be fun for an hour a day in the park to bump up the overall earning potential.

Tutor: Full-time salaries range from $33,000 to $40,000 for tutors.  My view?  I once did tutoring, which was fun, but I spent a lot on gas.

Dog walker: A full-time dog walker can earn between $27,000 to $45,127 annually.  Walking a dog every hour for eight hours can make us an annual salary of $30,000.  For a business owner of a dog-walking company, the pay appears to be pretty much the same, although some sites claim we can earn $80,000 a year.  However, a dog-walking certificate course can cost as low as $149.  My view?  There is no way I’d walk dogs, given opportunity costs elsewhere.  But if I had a dog who would benefit from friends, there’s a higher purpose.

YouTube Influencer: A YouTube influencer can earn between $44,000 and $60,000 a year, with some higher than $90,000 and some as low as $16,000 yearly.  My view? Put ourselves on video as often as possible—and hit record just for fun.  At the very least, it’s a great way to brand ourselves online.

Nanny: The nanny salary in Canada averages $47,900, with some as low as $24,000 and some as high as $73,000.  My view?  Learning how the best nannies schedule non-stop outdoor and indoor activities without punishment or negativity can condition us to be great parents.

Teach English Online: My experience teaching English to Japanese speakers paid $20 to $70 a week, one day a week, which required unpaid preparation time.  In addition, the hours for teaching were often in the middle of the night, so I chose to work just the weekend day, which had daytime hours.

Virtual Assistant: The annual salary for a virtual assistant is $49,000, but that’s likely only if we have consistent full-time work.

Photographer: A photographer makes $42,000 a year on average

Amazon delivery: You’d earn $40,000 here.

Financial coaching: $39,400 is the annual salary.

Relationship coaching: This holds more promise at $55,000 a year.  But it requires full-time sessions to earn that much.  And it can be emotionally draining.  My view?  This is one side hustle I’m embarking on, although my training has cost me close to $2000.

Executive coach: $55,000.  My view?  This looks good on a resume as a side hustle, especially if our main career focus is an executive role.

Web design: $50,000 to $64,000.

Write books: $12,879 with upward potential.  My view?  My book brought in less than $10 in revenue.  Surely, it’s ahead of its time.

Build courses: $240 to $60,000 annually, depending on the course type.  This stat is for the top-performing Udemy courses in study advice (at $6000 but with a lower end of $240 a year) and stock trading (at $60,000 for the top performer).  My view?  I work in a career where part of my job is creating courses.  So I’ve embarked on creating my first course, although its potential profits are in the lower range.

Here are some better ways to earn big cash (outside of entering the workforce as a full-time employee).  But, of course, I’m biased towards these as possibilities for my own life:

Business consultant: $67,000 a year.  In Toronto, the average salary is close to $80,000.

Sales Management: it’s about $80,000 with an upward trajectory.  My view?  Certification for a sales manager designation costs about $6000.  I am saving up, relying on Canada Alberta Job Grants, and considering going into debt for this one.

Real Estate Agent: $18,000 to $200,000, with $91,000 as the average.

Social Media Agency: A Director earns $120,000 to $130,000 annually.  The average salary of a digital marketing agency owner is $75,000 per year.

Advertising Agency: Vice President of Advertising can earn between $77,000 and $328,000, with $188,000 as the average.  My view?  Advertising Agency owner is a career suited to my personality.  I have the desire, just not yet the skill.  So whatever we choose, make sure our career choices suit our personality styles.

Software Developer: $90,000.

Event management: $45,000 to $94,000.

But it gets even better!  Careers that pay in the six-figure category ($100,000 plus) include General Manager, Operations Manager, Home Inspector, Project Manager, Engineer, Business Development Manager, Finance Manager, Controller, and Environmental Specialist.  My view?  Find careers with managerial trajectories.

I recommend getting a full-time profession with an upside trajectory of at least $100,000.  After all, we have loved ones to care for and places to go.  And consider a moonlighting side career if our companies permit, especially if generating extra revenue is done through a beloved hobby.

But be sure to take a free Myers-Briggs personality test to find careers that fit our personality types.  After all, we deserve to have a blast earning high wages while fulfilling our dreams.  That’s because we’ve all got what it takes to earn six figures, given the desire!