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Does One of These Jobs Have Your Name On It?

Ever look around your humble abode and say “one day this could all be mine – but cheaper?” Like millions of Canadians, affordable housing seems a distant dream.  Yet, for the lower economic echelons, including not only workers doing full time labour at less-than-livable-wages but perhaps also a thousand or two AU students like you, housing costs are literally crippling their lives.

This research centres around Edmonton and gathers data based on a pair of 25-person study groups who will assess possible definitions of affordable housing along with its existential corollary: “what does affordable housing mean?”

Off the top of one’s hat we might note that in every community there’s a spectrum of income, and income opportunities, and yet to everyone the quality of housing matters just as does its quantity. A roof over a head is not the same as a home.  Working with these two “community-based groups” the successful applicant shall glean data further towards a report on the issue.

Individuals with knowledge on the topic and the furnishing (in a literal, not aesthetic, sense) of affordable housing to those in need are asked to submit their info to Dr. Katie Macdonald at by April 15, 2023, but as the post is still up, the position may still be open.  Please include your resume, cover letter, and a list of “skills, interests, and experiences”.

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