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Nursing a sick tutor.  A student seeks advice on how to deal with impending deadlines when the (otherwise helpful) course tutor has been off sick quite a bit.  Responders suggest contacting the course coordinator for assistance in getting marking done in time.


The rural internet crapshoot.  A Saskatchewan student wonders if rural internet with slow but steady speeds will be adequate for a ProctorU exam.  Many replies on this one but the consensus seems to be that sketchy internet produces sketchy results with ProctorU—sometimes it’s okay and sometimes not.


@AthabascaU tweets:  “Class of 2023: get ready to celebrate your achievements!  Register for Convocation by May 31, to have your name announced during the presentation, indicate your preference of attendance, and confirm your grad box address. #AthabascaUGrad.”


Trying to finish by April 30?  Here’s nine hours of Focus Music for Work and Studying by Greenred Productions.

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