How to Fit All Our Dreams in One Day

Sir Thomas Carlyle said, “A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge.” Similarly, a loving heart is the beginning of all dreams.  And we’ve got one day, each day, to come closer to realizing all our goals and dreams.  So, how do we fit our hopes and aspirations into each passing day?

First, let me clarify.  I dream we all have unstoppable success, happiness, and unconditional love.  That dream is a crucial motivator for me.  And we all have the potential to make anything a reality.  The sky is the limit.  In fact, I read in a stock trader psychology book that the highest achievers perceive no upper limits.  Instead, they see endless opportunities everywhere.  One of my goals is to train us to think similarly.  So, I did some research, and here’s what I discovered about fitting all our goals and dreams in one day, each day:

Cling to dreams that excite us.  Maybe it’s to do something noble for the community, be the best parent, get a Ph.D., earn a ridiculously high salary, write a best-selling book, gain celebrity status, and become a paragon of health and vitality.  It’s all fun we’re meant to have, especially when it begins with a loving heart.

Stop surfing the web or social media sites.  After all, social media sites often make us feel bad, according to research.  Instead, spend that time doing tasks that better fulfill our dreams.  If networking benefits our goals, strategies such as using LinkedIn Sales Navigator prevail to make the process efficient.  But do give love to friends and dear ones—and strangers.  After all, a loving heart is the dawn of every worthwhile dream.

Use the moments before we fall asleep to pray for (or dwell on) our dreams and goals.  And do it with conviction.  Remember, we’ve got all we need to realize any dream.  If we don’t have what we need already, then as long as we can imagine it (and it’s ethical), we have the power to attain it.

Write down our dreams and goals and visit (or revise) them throughout the day.  And do nothing but actions that further those dreams and goals.  If an activity doesn’t contribute to the plans or purpose, either revise the dreams or don’t do that activity.  That way, we stay focused on the goal.

Watch courses or read while walking to the store.  Or listen to podcasts, audiobooks, or YouTube channels while driving.  Eat and read.  Do necessary mundane tasks while listening to audiobooks.  Finally, fall asleep while reading a book.  We stand to excel wherever we can do two activities instead of one, typically physical and intellectual combos.

Use two hands for physical tasks rather than one.  We’ve got two hands for a reason—to do two jobs simultaneously.  So, wipe the counter with two cloths at different regions.  Eat with one hand while holding a book with the other.  Wash the bathroom mirror with one hand while cleaning the sink.  And best of all, be ambidextrous with boxing sports, should we go that route.  In my opinion, every child should be taught to box and write with both hands.

Exercise smart.  Use breaks between weightlifting sets to do cardio instead of resting.  Walk the hallway back and forth while watching a course.  Or do work at a computer while pedaling a desk cycle.  Or sit on a medicine ball at work instead of a regular chair.  Or bike to work instead of driving or taking transit.  Moreover, push ourselves hard during exercise while ensuring high energy the next day.  In other words, train as hard and efficiently as possible without overtraining.

Don’t waste time getting jacked on coffee.  In the morning, instead of sipping coffee, take an Acetyl L-Carnitine, B-Complex, and Vitamin D for boosted energy and vitality.  And spend that morning coffee time (and subsequent crashes) achieving our dreams instead.  A no-coffee day means a more tranquil, peace-loving mind, too.  We’re less likely to explode emotionally without four cups of coffee during the day.

Maximize quality of hygiene while minimizing grooming time.  Spend fifteen to twenty minutes maximum on hygiene, but do it strategically so that we look terrific.  All we need to do is have a quick fifteen-minute ice-cold shower (which is excellent for the hair), put on a tiny bit of makeup, brush our teeth, put on deodorant, and get dressed.

But here’s the strategy for having a quick hygiene routine to make us look our best: First, take an inexpensive course on how to dress fashionably from Udemy.  Once we know our body type (inverted triangle, rectangle, apple, pear, or hourglass), we can search for “shirts for inverted triangles” and know exactly what will look great on us with next to no shopping time.  And then, once we determine our seasonal color palette (fall, winter, summer, or spring), we can look at a clothing item or makeup product and know what color looks best by comparing it to our seasonal color palette online.  This skill saves valuable time, money, and effort.

And be sure to try Loreal’s virtual hair color try-on app, where we can test hair colors until we find the best one.  And then, if we don’t like Loreal’s products, we can buy a herbal hair dye of the same color or request the color from a salon.  What may have taken us an hour and a half to look presentable will now take us twenty minutes tops to look fabulous.  Spend that extra hour we’d otherwise spend on our hygiene exercising instead.  So, color and sculpt our physiques while saving at least an hour of prep time each day!

Try a no-cook diet.  That’s what I eat.  I never turn on the stove or oven except when a loved one requests.  The no-cook diet saves time.  I feel the no-cook diet is healthier than most cooked ones and reversed my severe chronic disease.  But the no-cook diet must involve many fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, flaxseeds, mixed beans, canned salmon, (and Safeway chickens).  The closest thing I’ve come to this diet is from the book How Not to Die.  And be sure to get our groceries home delivered for an extra $9.  The time saved is astounding!

As a final piece of advice, remember that a body in motion stays in motion.  So, the more we focus on our dreams, the more our productivity and output exponentiates.  That means if we study constantly, we’re more likely to discover excellent study strategies, making us even more efficient.  And the more likely we are to attain the highest educational goals we can imagine.

We can fit all our dreams in one day!  So it’s our birthright to achieve all of our dreams.  We all have the power to do this and so much more.  However, we all have “limiting factors” that may seem like barriers, whether autism, anxiety, ADHD, chronic disease, poverty, cancer, other disability, trauma, addiction, or social or cultural disadvantage.  But that’s what makes all this so beautiful!  It’s the overcoming that represents the layers of icing on the cake.  We truly have no limitations except the ones we place on ourselves.  And indeed, not even those can stop us.