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Worth the wait.  When course textbooks for three courses didn’t show up by the first day of study, a student wondered how long they usually take.  After a number of responses were posted, including a few mini-rants about etexts, the original poster commented that the parcel with the textbooks arrived later that same day.


Taking note(s).  A student asks for tips on writing effective notes for a course, and others weigh in with their methods.


The ChatGPT revolution.  The busiest conversation thread this week follows an observation that using GPT could “totally redefine AU learning.”  The initial post is so well structured that a commenter wonders if it was written by ChatGPT.


@aulibarchives tweets:  “Are you finding your search results are not focused enough? Learn how to use field codes to narrow your search: #AULibrary #distanceEd.”

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