Vintage Voice

Many Canadian communities continue to mount fireworks displays on the Victoria Day weekend.  Our archives revealed some different slants on fireworks.

The smell of gunpowder in the morning.  Bill Pollett remembers the quiet hours of reflection after a late-evening fireworks display.  “It was long past midnight before the kids were finally bedded down in sleeping bags in the basement. The adults sat around a table on the deck and talked by the light of a half dozen tea light candles stuck in the bottom of a big glass bowl, the flames floating in the still darkness like tiny, luminous goldfish.”  Lost and Found – Celebration Day, July 14, 2004.

The view from  the “mountain.”  Lonita Fraser shares what makes her hometown unique.   “I could tell you about the escarpment that we all like to call a mountain, or how you don’t have to be Jesus to walk on water in Hamilton Harbour (hey, really – we have t-shirts with that on it!). I could tell you how the view coming into Hamilton from the Skyway Bridge is so ugly, not because of the industry by the lake, but because we want to keep the Torontonians out. ”  Hamilton, December 18, 2002.