Master a Skill with AI

If we want to write books or create courses, we have some great AI resources.  AI is cheap, at roughly $10 per AI platform.  I tried the free version of the, which can instantly generate book outlines or pdf presentations on any topic.  All we need to do is indicate our subject, “Study advice” or “Sales course,” for instance, and choose whether we want an outline or presentation, and it’s generated, complete with beautiful AI art.  And we even select the style of art.

But wait!  That’s just too easy.  Yes, it is.  And things that come super easy often have shortcomings.  For example, the AI outline and presentation generated for “study advice” were not comprehensive.  So, I selected “redo,” and it created a second version, but it, too, was lacking.  And the outlines had few headings.  So, I came up with a solution.

First, I found a way to increase my income to fund the AI and any other tools I use.  Rather, it found me, and it can find us.  To illustrate, I had previously taken a critical thinking course for $350, and I loved it so much that I gave the course creators a business development idea.  The course creators then sent me a signup form for their affiliate platform.  And it provides a 25% commission on each sale.  So, if we ever view an online course or service that offers products that cost more than $200, check to see if it has an affiliate program.  It could be a means of generating extra income.

So, I will use the main topic, “study advice,” to access an AI-generated outline and presentation.  And then, I will generate mini-AI presentations and outlines from each outline heading.  Lastly, I’ll combine them together.  But the AI outlines have few entries.  And the AI presentations need more depth for content.  But they do have pretty pictures.

So, I will take screenshots of the AI-generated art to use in my course, which saves big money.  I’ll also use the outlines as guides that I modify.  And then, I’ll use bits of the AI content in my presentation while bulking it up with my material.

I’ll then manually create a PowerPoint, using just the AI art, portions of the AI outline, bits of AI text, and my content.  And I’ll import the PowerPoint into software called ActivePresenter to animate my course.  ActivePresenter is the video-powerhouse version of PowerPoint, not unlike Camtasia.  I’ll also use Microsoft Teams video recordings of myself for my talking heads.

The AI-generated art and outlines are the easy parts.  The fun parts, however, are adding our own material, creating the PowerPoints, animating the PowerPoints with software like ActivePresenter, and adding a video taking head of ourselves using Zoom recordings or, in my case, Microsoft Teams.  But, then, making our first sales on an online course platform like Udemy is even more fun as it inspires us to make more courses.  So, the productivity wheel gets bigger.

So, what do we love to do? And can we turn it into a course?  If so, we can produce knowledge, teach others, and generate a higher income.  So, what better way to make a passive income while benefiting others than to build our courses using AI?