10 Skills to Go From Housewife to Domestic Goddess

Is it anti-feminist to want to be a domestic goddess or a housewife?  Not when we throw in skills like IT and home repair.  And not when we don’t have to be female to gain the status, either.  All we need is the intense desire to be the best homebody ever.

But it’s not enough to be a domestic goddess wannabe.  No.  The ultimate state is to be the ideal domestic goddess—a vision of household excellence.  So, what does an iconic domestic goddess do?  Here are ten superpowers domestic goddesses must have to be the stars of domestic performance:

Janitorial and decluttering skills: Have we ever had our closets organized where all the reds, blues, pinks, and yellows each had their section?  Sigh!  I had it once, and to be domestic goddesses, we must have it again.  Decluttering requires extra shelving, storage bins, downsizing, and labels.  But the janitorial arts, too, are a must.  We have room to grow as domestic goddesses if we don’t yet have microfiber cloths, an ostrich feather or microfiber duster, a whisk broom, a cleaning toothbrush, and a cleaning apron.

Interior Design: Do we follow the rules of three (three vases; three bowls) and have wall pictures that contain colors of the furniture, pillows, or ornaments in the room? If so, we’ve likely mastered interior design aesthetics.  But can interior design be a hobby?  Yes, and it can be more—it can be the hallmark of a goddess.  It can increase home value, improve mood, and enhance productivity.  Therefore, every domestic goddess needs interior design courses.

Ironing and laundry military style: Every domestic goddess must know how to make their loved ones look as good as highly decorated military personnel.  This can go as far as ironing pants using wax in the creases.  My grandma’s obituary had one person comment that she “had the shiniest shoes and the sharpest creases.” That’s the mark of a domestic goddess.

Gardening and landscaping: Plants, flowers, and gardens signal that a domestic goddess is nearby.  We can sign up for gardening classes.  And gardening counts for exercise, improves mental health, and helps with anxiety.  Gardening as therapy has two prime benefits: the act is cathartic and soothing, and the vegetables and herbs are health-giving.  And we mustn’t discount the excellent oxygen from fresh plants.  Mom had plants hanging everywhere in her home—and seven acres of flowers.  Domestic goddesses give their households the optimal in plant life.

IT skills: What are the best IT skills for a domestic goddess to learn?  AU has an introductory Web programming course.  That’s an excellent start if we like unstructured, project-based learning.  Other IT skills are mastery of Microsoft Office, cloud computing, cybersecurity, and AI.  A true domestic Goddess will not just have a cursory understanding of these topics but be able to program in at least one area.

Financial investments: Domestic Goddesses don’t just do budgets and manage finances; they also invest in the stocks and options markets.  A family member says the stocks and options markets are a sure-fire way to lose money.  But that’s not the case when we’ve honed the craft.  And it can take years of study on stocks and options to have profits vastly outweigh losses—and it’s still not guaranteed.  Some investing skills to learn are technical analysis, trader psychology, and day trading.  And once we master essential stock investments, we can graduate to the Chicago Board of Options Exchange’s free options education.  Options investing is the sign of a domestic goddess with financial wizardry.

Sewing: The ability to sew a button is necessary for any domestic goddess.  But what about the ability to take a pattern and make a clothing item that perfectly fits our loved ones?  Now, that’s a domestic goddess!  Better still, what about the ability to create a pattern—from scratch—and make an original dress or suit? Let’s take that reasoning further: how about the ability to modify clothing to give the illusion that our household members are all hourglass figure types?  Again, domestic goddesses have this knack.

Home repair and renovations:  A domestic goddess who can repair a sink, TV, sewing machine, toilet, and washing machine is admirable.  In other words, a domestic goddess with trade skills is a household boon.  I read that hardware stores, like Rona or Lowes, offer classes in home repair and renovation.  Some home repairs may even be tax deductible; others require a permit.  A DIY home repair goddess can transform any bathroom, floor, and kitchen into a domestic paradise.

Dietician and culinary skills: Every household demands a dietician, given the rise of inflammatory and chronic diseases.  And who better to assume this role than the domestic goddess?  The home may even need a dog dietician.  Indeed, a dietician with culinary skills is the lottery prize for any household.  Fresh fruit, flaxseed smoothies, kale, and spinach salads are tell-tale signs that a domestic goddess lives here.

Massage: Who doesn’t love a massage?  The massage benefits range from stress relief to muscle tension alleviation.  And every domestic goddess must have massage skills.  Community colleges offer massage therapy training for professional purposes.  But for those who want massage expertise but are pressed for time, there are YouTube videos, library books, and online courses.  So, massage the whole household.  Massage the kids’ backs.  Massage the dog.  Dog massage is an art every pet owner should know, especially if the pet is stressed.  And massage everyone’s feet.  Foot massages are highly coveted in other parts of the world.

Nothing is more fun than gaining skills—and everyone who lives in a home needs domestic skills.  So, why not fine-tune our inner domestic goddesses for the sheer fun of it?  There’s nothing anti-feminist about caring for the places we spend most of our time.  And there’s everything right about aspiring to become a 21st century domestic goddess.