Editorial—Voicing Change

There’ve been a few small changes happening behind the scenes at the Voice Magazine lately.  One is that the magazine is coming out a little later on Friday than it used to. This is something that I hope to address in the coming weeks.  But various health and personal issues have forced me to be spending far less time during the week on the editing and updating of the magazine than I’d like, which means that the end of the week is crunch time.

Another change you may have noticed is that over the past few months, the magazine has been shifting slowly from articles based primarily on advice or investigations into particular events or situations in the real world and instead including more light humour or expressionist pieces—things that evoke a mood as much as knowledge—and even some straight up fiction.

This is in large part driven by the voice writer community.  I’ve noted over the years that different seasons tend to bring a different focus to the writing that gets submitted, and one of the joys of The Voice being a magazine and not just a student newspaper is that we can swing away from strictly journalism and into these more unusual pieces.  The defining characteristic is that I need it to involve the AU community in some fashion or another, and that it needs to be something I feel comfortable calling a good read.

Another change that’s happening is that our long-standing news piece, the Student Sizzle, will soon need a new person collating the information from the various social media feeds that AU students congregate on.  The current writer is hoping to move away from social media for a time, but points out that it typically only takes her a half hour each week, and it pays $20 for each short list that’s submitted.  If you think this sounds like something you could take on, let me know at mailto:karl@voicemagazine.org and I can help get you started.

Meanwhile, this week, we’re going a bit meta.  As our feature article is not a student interview, but rather an article from our interviewer about how doing the student interviews has affected her over the past couple of years.  As we approach summer, it can get harder to convince students to spend the time to complete and interview, which also means that if you’re willing to be interviewed, it should be available in short order for you to show your friends and family as proof that there’s more to AU than just you shutting the door and asking they be quiet for a few hours.

We also have an article from the writer of the student sizzle, explaining how it came to be and what she’s found over the years about how the faces may change, but many of the questions stay the same.   And we round out our features with another piece of fiction, a new folk tale if you will, about the importance of picking the right partner, even if they aren’t everything you imagined.

However, we also still have book and music reviews, recipes, advice, and thoughtful articles that will help to give your mind a break from your studies while still keeping it active.  Plus our usual selection of events, scholarships, blasts from the past, and of course what’s been going on around AU social media.

Enjoy the read!

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