How to Make Friends Everywhere we Go

What does it mean when we can’t make friends?  It means we need to be exposed to a course that shows an exact system for making instant friends everywhere we go.  I took that course!  It made going to the store no longer mundane and more like an invitation to an exciting party.  It’s a party where we meet someone new, instantly share stories, feel connected, and smile nonstop at each other!

Today, I went to pick up dinner, and, as I neared the restaurant, I grew very excited.  I knew I’d have a wonderful conversation with at least one person.  And yes, the hostess and I had a great discussion, and I carefully followed the system for conversing laid out in the course, which is becoming natural.  And she and I had a blast.  And just before that, I excitedly went into the Dollar Store, chitchatted with two customers who held the door for me, and then had a lovely conversation with the cashier.  The cashier and I beamed at each other as we waved farewell.  Earlier, I had many delightful conversations with multiple staff at a grocery store and a customer whose coffee I accidentally almost drank.  We all shared stories and laughed.

But life wasn’t a constant endorphin rush before the course.  Quite the contrary!  I had been more reserved and struggled in social situations.  I failed to connect with people, and they wouldn’t open up to me.  I often felt bad, like I just didn’t quite fit in.  I thought poor social dynamics were burnt into my DNA.  But all it took to transform my social world into one big social party was a single online course.

For example, when I went to the cash register today at the dollar store, I complimented the cashier for the pretty blonde highlights in her hair.  She thanked me, and then I asked her if she had plans for the weekend.  She hesitated and said she was just going to work.  She looked sad for a moment.  And then she became quiet.  I knew from the course that, had she revealed something more about her weekend, I would’ve found it easier to use it as a topic to continue the conversation.  But she didn’t, so I praised her for her work ethic.  And then she asked me how my weekend looked.  I didn’t say, “Nothing is going on” or “Just doing the usual.” These empty phrases don’t share anything, build trust, or give her anything to use to continue the conversation.

Instead, I said, “I’m going swimming Saturday and Sunday, and I’m making an online course.  It’s a hobby of mine.” We smiled broadly at each other, and she said, “Great!” She looked truly happy.  I wanted to ask her what her favorite pastime was, but the lineup was getting big, and she was the only cashier.  So I smiled broadly and held her gaze as I waved goodbye.  We smiled genuinely at each other, and she waved back.  It’s important to smile when we end a conversation.  And then I left, elated to have made a beautiful connection with another human soul.

In what happened above, I indicated a few strategies taught in my course, but there is so much more in the class that I can’t begin to cover in an article.  The study took four days to complete but cost $35 a month for about ten months.  Truly, I felt it was worth every penny.  Life is a big happy party now—everywhere I go.

So, if we don’t want to miss out on learning about the wonderful lives and interests of others, consider looking up a course for what you want to do.  It’s money invested in turning life into a constant love fest with everyone we meet.  Nothing is more exciting than to share a burst of love with another human being.  And nothing is more rewarding than making friends everywhere we go.