Music Review—Blame Brett

Artist: The Beaches
Album: Blame My Ex
Single: Blame Brett

Canadian rock band, The Beaches, have released the new single “Blame Brett” from their upcoming album, Blame My Ex.  The single is available for streaming anywhere you get your music.  A music video for the single is available on YouTube.

The Beaches was formed in 2013 and named after the Toronto neighborhood the members grew up in.  The band is comprised of lead vocalist/bassist, Jordan Miller; guitarist, Kylie Miller; keyboardist/guitarist, Leandra Earl; and drummer, Eliza Enman-McDaniel.  The four members forfeited a typical university experience to pursue their careers in music—a topic that is often addressed in their lyrics.

Of the single, Jordan says, “Blame Brett is a song with a little bit of a misleading title,” Miller says.  “It’s not really about my relationship.  It’s about feeling vulnerable and afraid to open your heart to someone new.  I’m basically talking to my future partners, explaining that I can only offer something casual while my heart heals—a song for all the hot messes out there.”

The band takes inspiration from artists like Olivia Rodrigo, Girl in Red, and The Strokes, The Beaches believe their upcoming album will be a new direction for them.  Of Blame the band says, “We’re not abandoning our rock ‘n ’roll roots, but for this next chapter of our career we wanted to take ourselves less seriously, have fun, and be less precious with the musical ideas we pursue.”

“Blame Brett” sounds like 90’s surf rock and reminds me of bands like Veruca Salt, Marina and The Diamonds, and Beach Bunny.  It’s catchy and upbeat, with well-timed gang vocals that contribute to that nostalgia feeling.  Jordan Miller’s vocals are beautifully low, sultry, and powerful.

While the track’s sound may present a nonchalant, chaotic vibe, the lyrics are deeply vulnerable—a combination of mournful, scathing, and funny.  “Blame Brett” is the perfect anthem for any woman feeling apathetic toward modern dating.  With lyrics like, “I’m sorry in advance/I’m only gonna treat you bad/I’m only gonna let you down/I’m probably gonna sleep around” and “I’m not ready for therapy/To take accountability/Right now it’s about me/Me and only about me.”

In the music video for “Blame Brett” The Beaches are the epitome of “90’s cool girl.” The video features quick cuts of the band performing against a white backdrop, driving around, and at a dimly lit house party (looking absolutely amazing in every shot).  Every member of The Beaches are giving me serious Emma Chamberlin vibes.  Most importantly, the video also features a cat wearing a pink cowboy hat.  You’re welcome.

Overall, I loved “Blame Brett”! I can’t wait to hear the rest of the album (out September 15th 2023).  In the meantime, you can check out The Beaches on their website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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