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Support plan.
A poster asks how others cope with spouses/partners/family members who are unsupportive of their education journey and shares that she is feeling alone. Responses pour in sharing kind words and similar experiences. One helpful commenter shares a link to AU’s mental health and wellness services.

Missing start date.
In a post wondering about why September course registrations are unavailable on the Alberta Student Aid website, it is confirmed that the 2023-2024 student aid applications are delayed. Note: As of June 26, the 2023-2024 applications are now available. The deadline to complete your funding application for a September 1st start date is June 30, 2020.

@AthabascaU tweets: “Joined by friends, family, and even pets, on June 16, the #AthabascaU community celebrated the 1,957 graduates who received degrees, diplomas, or certificates. We couldn’t be prouder!”