Editorial—The Things You Don’t Know

Go here, watch the video.  Do it now.  I’ll wait.

This is the kind of thing that AU researchers are helping to spearhead, and, old fogey though I may be, I think it might be something that works, not only to promote its own message but also that of AU as a university that people might want to go to.  And, maybe it says something about me, but seeing poor Kai’s imagined symptoms just had me laughing.

There’s actually quite a few things scattered about the AU site that you probably never see, because, let’s be honest, your busy with your courses, your life, and everything else, but just under the hood, it seems there’s stuff going on at AU.

Recently my partner had an issue with her student financing involving a form that hadn’t been processed on time, leading to courses being closed even though an extension should have been provided.  We knew this could be a long fight, as previous dealings with AU’s student finance and/or registrar department had always left us, let’s say underwhelmed.  This time, though, we were surprised.  Not only did the department readily acknowledge a mistake had been made, it fixed the problem as well—no fuss, no muss.  Now, I know that’s probably still not the experience of all students, but I seem to remember a time when it wasn’t the experience of any of them.

So, this got me digging into the AU site a bit and I came across that fun little video, as well as pictures of the convocation, which now has me kicking myself that I didn’t get anybody reporting on it.  Of course, part of the problem is that (and here’s a little secret) there’s not very many current students writing for The Voice Magazine anymore. And that’s something I want to change.

Sure, we’ve got a core of writers, but most of them graduated quite some time ago.  And it’s been a while since I’ve been a student myself, so it’s been harder to keep tabs on what’s going on at AU at the student level.  Of course, in some respects the same concerns are still there, tuition’s too high, assignments can take too long to get back, some tutors really aren’t that helpful (while others are great), some courses seem almost laughably out of date, etc., but there’s also a host of new issues that students are having, and some of the old issues may have been dealt with.   Either way, I need more people with actual current student experience who can bring that to The Voice Magazine.

And you don’t have to sign on for a regular article, maybe there’s just something bugging you about how AU does things, maybe you’ve found a really amazing tutor or project somewhere on the AU site.  Maybe you just need some extra pocket money.  Whatever it is, I’m looking for someone you to contribute your views to the magazine.  Even if you don’t know what it is you’d write about, if you get in touch, I can let you in on a few things I’m specifically looking to cover in the Magazine.

Meanwhile, this week, we’re featuring a Minds We Meet with a former nursing student, now pursuing a general studies degree, a tasty little piece of fiction—if you like the creepy side, a deeper delve into the world of national security, reviews, scholarships, events, advice, inspiration, thoughtful explorations and more!

Enjoy the read!

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