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Tips and tricks.
A poster is starting their first study period with AU and asks for tips or mistakes to avoid as they get started. One helpful commenter highly recommends introducing yourself to the course tutor at the very start of your contract period, as she has noticed she gets better responses from tutors when asking questions or requesting reference letters.

Bad tutor blues.
An AU student enrolled in an English degree is feeling disappointed with the feedback and grading she is getting from her tutors. She is considering switching to a different university. The comments show mixed responses—some agree with the poster while others say that they have had positive experiences with tutors. One commenter suggests that AU tutors are seriously underpaid and overworked.

@AthabascaU tweets: “A new animated open educational resource from #AthabascaU researchers aims to promote vaccine confidence and help youth understand how to navigate information and misinformation online.

@aulibarchives tweets: “Interested in Academic Integrity? Check out the recording of our latest “Who, Me? Cheat?” webinar with AU Write Site:


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