Editorial—What We Need

I’ve got another article you need to read.  This one about former AUSU President, Karen Fletcher.  She joined an international contest, “Map the System”, and became one of six finalists that gave their presentation as Oxford.  Her presentation revolved around how the connections between systems can fail students even though people in each system want the best for them.  You can watch all the finalists, and read more about it, on Athabasca University’s news site.

These are the kinds of things that I’d love to be able to pay a student to report on here in The Voice Magazine, in addition to our mix of personal reflections and opinions,  advice, entertainment reading, fiction, and all the other eclectic combinations that make up each issue of the magazine.  So if you’re a current student and have some interest in the things that are going on at AU, contact me at karl@voicemagazine.org and we’ll have a conversation.

I’m also in need of someone who’s willing to help bring back one of our most popular articles, the Course Exam.  This is one that involves contacting the tutors or professors of a course and having a conversation with them or with students who’ve already taken the course (which could be your own experience) and sharing that in depth knowledge with the rest of the students, so that they can make better informed decisions on what courses will really fit where they’re looking to go.  It’s a position that can put you in contact with more professors at AU, which can also be helpful when you’re taking later courses or looking to take advantage of some of the opportunities AU offers.

Not to mention that giving students the information they really want, such as if it’s an easy course, a hard one, whether it has heavy or light reading, more detail about what the assignments actually require and what problem areas it might have that might trip up students is a great way to help out your fellow students, as well as yourself, and is a position I’ve needed filled for a while now.

Meanwhile, in this issue, we again have a new student interview with our Minds We Meet column, and follow it up with an opportunity for students from our federal government that could have you living overseas with part of your housing costs paid.

We round out our features with another short fiction piece, this one being one that I think could have been made into a fable, that is, if fables included swears and sex.  Now that I’ve got your curiosity up, you can check it out in “A Man of Experience.”

And we also have articles exploring how you might build emotional intelligence, or at least a tasty Asian soup, the Bon Bo Hue.  Plus music reviews, events, scholarships, and just some pieces that are there for no reason other than that they make for a good read.

So, enjoy the read!