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Statistics surprise.  A poster marvels at how much she is enjoying SOCI301 (Social Statistics)—a course she was initially dreading.  Commenters wholeheartedly agree, pointing out how well the course content is explained.

Time management. 
In a post asking how long it takes to finish a course when working full time, there were mixed responses.  Commenters expressed that it had taken them as little as two months or as long as six months.  However, most commenters agreed that it will depend on the workload required for each specific course.  One particularly helpful commenter suggested reviewing the required reading and assignments on your course start date and budgeting your time accordingly.

@AthabascaU tweets: “A group of #AthabascaU researchers collaborated with students @VistaVirtualSch in #yyc to create a free educational resource on vaccine confidence.  The video aims to help youth understand how to navigate information and #misinformation online.  Full story:

@aulibarchives tweets: “Has your instructor asked you to use peer-reviewed sources? Or do you just want to know how to tell which sources are the most reliable? Visit out Peer-Review Research Guide for more information! #AULibrary #PeerReview”