Can Making Money be a Passion?

Making money can be more than a passion; it can become second nature.  Whether in wheelchairs, stricken with chronic disease, experiencing extreme anxiety, mentally ill, autistic, or undergoing other so-called limitations, we can all earn over six figures.  The abundance philosophy has merit, I’ve come to learn, and as I write, I’m listening to a soundscape with frequencies oriented toward attracting abundance and positivity.  I used to think the abundance mentality was hocus pocus, but I’ve seen how powerful it is to the psyche.  And I recently read about traits of people who have a knack for making money, and I wished I was more like that, but now I realize we can all be like that—easily.

I believed I found a way to come close to or exceed six figures within one year.  I don’t know how it all came together, but it has percolated for the past year.  I couldn’t see it until now, but I’ve been so focused on increasing my income mentally that solutions today instantly appeared, much to my shock.  And all at once.  And I can start implementing them any day now.  Indeed, we all can make over six figures.

Unfortunately, that was written yesterday, and I ran into many obstacles with my plan.  However, just today, I received an agreement from the decision-makers to proceed with two out of three of my strategies—and the third one is still pending.  In other words, anything good in life comes with obstacles.

But first, I want to say that I was so hungry not long ago that, to save money, I’d eat bananas—and banana peels.  I also had extreme anxiety for nearly a decade, so bad that most days I could hardly tie my shoes without mental agony and confusion.  I couldn’t work for almost a decade.  And then, I came down with chronic fatigue, which was the dying process.  I figured I had two years left to live.

But with persistence and a strategy, I cured both conditions and returned to the workforce.  And now I’m approaching the six-figure salary mark.  Here’s what I’m going to do to hit six figures in a year:

One, stay loyal all my life to my employer.  I’ll be there for him as long as my employer needs me.  Already, he’s provided me with two raises and an excellent salary.  There is the possibility of another raise next year.  So, my role is to perform.  And to do that, I need to keep developing myself, which leads to the next point.

Two, invest in professional and personal development.  I’m taking many courses lately, spending at least $400 monthly to invest in my education.  However, lifelong learning is my big passion, bringing us to the third point.

Three, when we find our passions, we must capitalize on them.  I love two of my course providers so much that I’ve become a fixture in their company cultures.  Curiously, for both course providers, I realized I could generate revenue for both them and me.  As a result, I plan on bringing their courses to the school system, which I already do for my present employer, so I have the connections already in place.  I’m negotiating a percentage of the revenue.  Also, I plan to be a relationship coach and receive referrals from one of my course providers.  The big motivator is to bring awareness to the course provider’s teachings and to help raise people to a higher state of love.  It’s part of my life mission.  But the financial side is also a big motivator for me.  I’m not clear why money motivates me, as I don’t spend much on myself outside of education.  I’m back to wearing the same T-shirt every day, which I just stained with pomegranate juice, so I’ll need a new one.

So, making money can easily become our passion.  I’m heading for six figures within one year if all goes well.  And once I hit that mark, I am compelled to set the bar to a quarter million.  It sounds greedy, but it’s simply just a goal.  And we all can easily make six figures–no matter our limitations.  It starts with knowing we have unlimited potential.  And once we realize impossible dreams, up the ante by a factor of 10 to 100 to establish the next dream.  After all, we deserve six figures—and every other dream that blasts us into heaven.