Research Assistant Opportunity

Get Involved!

This posting includes the title “course inspirer”, so that says a lot.  It’s about content creation within a digital educational context.  The successful applicant with have “strong experience in both synchronous and asynchronous online education” and “connectivist design approaches”.  The idea here is to work on the design and evaluation of course material, a constant process within university institutions and especially our AU with its uniquely diverse student body.  Technical computer skills as well as traditional academic communication abilities are a must; facility in “web development and database design and management skills, including PHP+MySQL, API integration, web forms and data encryption, and dynamic PDF generation” is required.

The concept here is to develop and facilitate the birth of new courses, including the software relevant to such an endeavour.  The successful applicant will “work with content experts to set up and launch all course orientation and learning activities, including instructional, visual, and multimedia design and custom HTML programming within the Canvas platform.”  So if course assessment and creation is your cup of academic tea, and you have relevant skills, then you can send transcript, resume, cover letter, and references to Dr.  Cleveland-Innes at

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