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AI Flagged.  A poster said an essay was rejected because it was mistakenly flagged as being sourced from AI.  To test the claim, the user tried several AI checkers and received inconsistent results.  Even an email was flagged as AI-generated–more so than the essay.  Another user said that Grammarly, too, can be flagged as AI.


AI Guidelines.  @athabascau posts, “Before you use ChatGPT or other AI tools in your #AthabascaU coursework, check with your academic support.  AU is developing new guidelines on the ethical use of generative AI for students and faculty—coming this fall!”.

As referenced in the above URL, the Chicago Manual of Style Online indicates that “many scholarly publishers are requiring [AI] identification though also requiring human authors to take responsibility for it and will not permit the AI to have’ authorship.'” Also, “You need to credit ChatGPT and similar tools whenever you use the text that they generate in your own work.”

Downloadable Sample Papers.  @aulibarchives reports, “Sample papers are useful for comparison.  See the #APAStyle site for these student papers:
▪️ discussion post
▪️ literature review
▪️ quantitative study

You can download those and many more at #APA7.” These documents are an excellent resource for individuals currently enrolled in or considering enrollment in a postgraduate program, such as a Master’s or Doctoral degree.