Prosperity Comes When We Most Desire It

Creativity and innovative are keys to success.Concept of new idea and innovation with light bulbs.

When we focus on prosperity, it comes to us like an avalanche.  That’s why seeking success and wealth is a wondrous thing.  When the pursuit of wealth is accompanied by greater integrity, success is sure to flourish.  And every last one of us, no matter our current state, can create greater and greater wealth.  Nothing can stop us from achieving as much as we desire if it’s in the service of others.

Yesterday, I found a gap in the marketplace for a product to sell on Amazon.  I was in the washroom, elated, drying off and laughing hysterically over a book cover I once designed, when I accidentally broke an item with my towel.  When I went on Amazon to replace the item, I was shocked at what I saw.  All the products were based on Western sarcasm and egocentricity.  I’ve decided to start a side hustle on Amazon Seller Central to fill the gap and earn extra revenue.  I can’t reveal what item I broke as I need to keep the idea somewhat exclusive.  It is a modest idea.

I will get a business name, although I could use my name, and then find my supplier and start selling.  That’s what’s called a sole proprietor.  And I’ve discovered two suppliers.  Starting a business is simple, as I anticipate earning under $30,000 in my first year.  Ask AI explained that to me.

And then, I get to learn and try out all kinds of marketing strategies.  I’ll start small.  If it’s profitable, I’ll ramp up to a Shopify store and start learning e-commerce marketing.  It is a way to gain e-commerce marketing skills while earning a little cash.

But the next day, which is today, the side gig idea ballooned.  As background, when I recently became addicted to online shopping, I noticed a gap in the online stores.  I often thought, “Why doesn’t anybody create this store?” And then, today, I realized I could create the store.  But for it to even stand a chance, I knew I needed to have a company create my vision of an AI app for the store.  The AI app is my unique selling proposition, and the whole store design will center around the AI app.

But somebody’s got to fund the app.  Thank God for the Microsoft Bing chat app.  It told me I could get up to $10,000 in grant funding from the Micro Voucher program.  I need to contribute 25%.  I don’t know if my idea will fly, but I’ll create a business plan to submit with my application for the micro voucher grant.  And Ask AI told me the simplest way to build a business plan.

I certainly am not inventing Spanx, and my idea may make zilch, but I always wondered how the Spanx lady came up with her idea.  But I realized we all have these ideas, which slip by our conscious awareness.  But if we’re focused on developing prosperity, the ideas appear not just as an afterthought or opportunity but as “It’s time!”

I’m going to start with two ideas.  One I can get up and running in weeks.  It may not go far.  It could generate peanuts.  The other, the grand idea, will take time to build.  It’s a vision, and I’m excited about it.  The idea might fall flat, but it could take off.  And others might adopt the concept for their stores, too.  So, I might face copycats.  So, I need to learn how to patent my idea correctly.

As an afterthought, my grand idea might have no demand.  I once wrote a book on health for people with severe health conditions.  It was the only book of its kind.  And it’s not selling at all.  It would’ve helped if I had the funds at that time for an editor.  And that’s why working full-time is beneficial, though optional.  Side hustles typically require funding.  A full-time career, especially one that requires an academic degree, brings many opportunities for funding side hustles.  And side hustles can help us reach our wealth goals.

Regardless of our current state, we all have the potential to gain great prosperity.  And whatever strikes us as great prosperity, multiply it by one hundred.  And that’s just touching the surface of the grand accomplishments we all have in us.  When we focus on wealth, we stumble on treasure chests.  And if the treasure chest holds fool’s gold, another will appear until we eventually “arrive”!

But the hunt for treasure chests is truly the fun part.  The “arriving” can be anticlimactic.  So, when we reach our goals, raise the bar from ten to a hundred fold.