Research Assistant Opportunity!

Caring as an Unspoken Vocation and Research Opportunity

This intriguing posting covers COVID-19 and medical caregivers within relevant research literature.  Qualitative studies, including media articles and narratives, will be combined and summarized as part of an ongoing data review.  The successful applicant will gain invaluable experience and skills in the unique scientific art of qualitative research.

Like many invisible or even marginalized aspects of society, the realm of caregiving expanded greatly during the pandemic.  Yet it’s always a critical aspect of societal cohesion – we all know a loved one or elder who requires extra support and attention in their lives.  In our times of pandemic trouble, as well as medical of mental strife, love and care often take an increased role within ordinary emotional and physical labour implicated in many jobs and all families.    With an aging population in our country, a burgeoning realm of caring thus emerges as a crucial aspect of sociological research.  To be cutting edge in one’s studies might for you mean getting involved in this aspect of the social sciences.

Like most postings, this is a casual and part time position.  If interested, please you’re your resume and cover letter to