The Power of an AU Education

How an AU degree can help us reach a quarter million income

I requested that Ask AI provide ideas for an article on how Athabasca students can earn a quarter million a year with their degrees.  And I want to stress that this wealth goal is possible for all students—including students with severe disabilities.  And Ask AI did not disappoint.  Here are many degree paths that can earn us a quarter million a year:

Business Administration: If we’re business administration students, opportunities abound for starting a business venture or working our way into a leadership role.  I’ve done prior research that indicated that the top-paying leadership roles typically go to people with about ten years of experience in the same industry, with those ten years dedicated to management.  But this is just for the top roles in the most significant public companies in the world.  However, a search on shows that a Chief Executive Officer for a mid-sized firm can earn $260,000 a year.  Why not reach for the riches?  We deserve it!

Computer Science: If we’ve got programming skills, we can earn high pay in roles like data science or software engineering.  And we can design profitable software tools, especially if we are into gaming or AI.  A career title of Director, IT for a health clinic can earn $207,000 a year, according to a search on  A VP of Digital and Technology can make $266,000 a year.  A computer science degree can exceed the quarter million mark.

Nursing: A nurse anesthetist can make a great deal of money.  An anesthetist can easily earn up to $350,000 a year, according to  Now, this one is the Lotto Max we can achieve with effort.  However, education outside AU may also be required to reach this goal.

Psychology: With at least a master’s degree in psychology, we can start a private practice in a wealthy neighborhood.  A search on reveals that a mental health psychologist can earn $70 an hour in full-time work.  That works out to about $145,600 a year.  But make sure we get that master’s degree in psychology to make it realistic.

Finance: With an AU education in finance, we can get careers in investment banking or financial management.  A finance expert can earn in the $175,000 range.  Not quite a quarter million, but it will keep the furnace going in minus thirty—and more.  And if we reinvest in the stocks and options markets, that’s a second source of potential revenue with unlimited upside.

Education: University educators make a lot of money the more senior they become.  Even in colleges, a Director of Continuing Education makes upward of $100,000.  University professors can make up to half a million dollars, as indicated in an online article I read. has a listing for a professor at the University of Toronto, which pays $232,500.  That’s worthy of a summer vacation (and sabbatical).

Criminal Justice: Forensic psychology or criminology can lead to well-paying careers in law enforcement.  These lucky folks can earn in the $160,000 range.  Why not tip our hats to a career in justice?   We can keep society safe while making a hefty paycheck.  Now, that’s a healthy conscience.  But a career in criminal justice may require us to have a resilient and courageous personality.

Human Resources: An HR specialist in a public company can make upwards of six figures.  Like our criminal justice friends, human resources specialists can earn $160,000 yearly in leadership roles.  And if we love helping people succeed, this career may be extra rewarding.

Marketing, Sales, and Communication: Did we know we can earn upward of six figures easily in these professions? lists a remote VP Marketing job that pays $252,000 a year.  I’m in a marketing and sales role.  I love working for my smaller, more entrepreneurial firm, as all the job tasks are diverse and exciting.  I work independently and am heavily involved in corporate strategy and decision-making.  But the big money is with the public corporations.

These are just some of the many opportunities that Athabasca students may access.  But take career and personality tests to ensure our educational routes lead to a career we love.  That’s because it’s thrilling to spend half our days doing work we enjoy.  I once read a quote by an author who said that the work that incites passion doesn’t exist.  But I can tell you firsthand that it certainly exists.  And that passion can cure disease, make us wealthy and more successful, and bring us more joy than we ever imagined.  But as a final word of wisdom, which I learned from the audiobook titled The Eight Pillars of Prosperity, the surest path to wealth is integrity, which is always in the service of others.

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