The Vintage Voice

Unearthing classic articles from previous issues of The Voice.

Last week’s devastating earthquake in Morocco got us digging around to see what Voice writers had to say about that area.

The fourth R.  Jason Sullivan examines the structure Morocco’s education system developed after its 1956 independence from France.  “Education in Morocco was always about more than just learning the three R’s or learning about morality; it was about learning how to be a good Muslim, a definition that changed depending on each Moroccan’s point of view.”  Eras in Education – Post-Colonial Morocco, January 29, 2010.

In the steps of the English Patient.  In the first of a series of articles, Wanda Waterman recounts her travels through the Atlas Mountains on her way to the abandoned village of Mides in Tunisia.   “The village itself looks a lot like the abandoned Pueblo dwellings of the American Southwest, and had a similar history of lush beginnings that eventually turned to arid inhabitability. Mides was once part of a lush area that eventually desertified, reducing the village to an oasis.”  Maghreb Voices – The Smiling Ghosts of Mides, Part 1, January 16, 2015.