The Privilege of Learning

How a Continuing Education Program Transforms Our World

Is continuing education worth it?  The continuing education benefits are beyond words.  I’ve started my first continuing education synchronous course and am enamored.  The curriculum is much more challenging and enjoyable than I anticipated.  And studying is like a meditative trance where all troubles disappear, and learning prevails.

But there are many more benefits to taking continuing education.  Here are five reasons why continuing education courses are excellent means of personal and professional development.

Career advancement: Be sure to put our continuing education certificates, badges, or diplomas on our resumes.  They matter for high-paying careers.  For instance, I researched LinkedIn CEO roles for a variety of firms.  One thing that stood out was that a specific level of experience and education were required for a CEO position at a public firm.  And I noticed that people who lacked experience made up for it through education, including through certificates.  Therefore, continuous education matters more than we may realize for acquiring top jobs.  Also, I looked at the outline for a course teaching sales leadership.  The course summary advised sales leaders to hire salespeople who continually invest in education.  So, why invest in continuous education?  Every employer loves a growth mindset.

Transformative experiences:  I had an intense fear of group work.  As a result, I bypassed the business school during my undergrad.  That’s because I had a bad group dynamic in one class, which left me doubting my ability to handle group work.  But I am currently enrolled in a Continuing Education program that requires extensive group work.  So, I stressed the day before my Continuing Education group first met.  But I have been randomly assigned to what I consider to be a “dream team.” And I’m leading the group gently and diplomatically, much to my surprise.  I established my leadership primarily through preparing and planning before meetings to the point where I could offer structure.  So, to my beloved readers, if we ever feel we come short academically, in group dynamics, or during exam situations, rest assured that we can overcome any obstacle.  And continuous learning, whether for personal or professional development, is vital to triumphing.

Profoundly positive relationships: When we are grateful for our education and work diligently, we foster meaningful rapport with our instructors and our fellow students.  Since I started taking Continuing Education and professional development courses, every interaction I’ve had with the instructors has been positive and rewarding.  Everyone wins when we show reverence, or at least respect, for our instructors and fellow students.  For instance, one of my course instructors provided me with a free course that would’ve otherwise cost $300 because she valued my feedback.  And I know students who develop meaningful friendships and lifelong camaraderie with their professors and fellow students.

Skill enhancement: We can gain skills by taking continuous education.  And it doesn’t necessarily need to be professional development.  Personal development courses are of great value, too.  Through various classes, I learned how to befriend people and be more loving in relationships.  And AU has an exciting selection of leadership professional development courses.  The bottom line is that the more skills we acquire, the better the opportunities, wealth, and relationships we stand to gain.

Finally, near-death experiencers who temporarily die often report being greeted by an angel who curiously asks, “What did you learn while on Earth?” And I saw a remarkably detailed near-death experience account.  The fellow said he experienced heaven as a big learning ground where everyone could ask any question on any topic and receive answers via various holographic media.  Many other near-death experiencers reported seeing a library of the Akashic records, which are claimed to be the books of lives of every soul in real-time.  In other words, according to the near-death experiencers, there’s a spiritual person, perhaps an angel, reading your book of life–and your thoughts at this moment.  That’s where I’d love to end up—in heaven’s library.  So, enjoy as many Continuing Education and AU courses as possible.  The upside of continuous learning is unlimited, and we all deserve the gains derived from constant education.