Vintage Voice

September 29 is National Coffee Day, so, mugs up!  Not sure coffee needs its own day, though—we couldn’t even get through the gazoodles of coffee references in vintage Voice articles.

Coffee Art.  This Click of the Wrist feature provides a few links to coffee as art and coffee in art.  “No idea if artist Karen Eland drinks coffee, but she does do something far more interesting with it: recreates famous masterpieces with espresso instead of paint. She’s reproduced artists from Da Vinci to Van Gogh, and often adds a cup of coffee to her famous subjects’ portraits. Whistler’s Mocha, anyone?”  Click of the Wrist – Coffee, November 13, 2009.

All things in moderation?  Debbie Jabbour examines all the fun things we can be addicted to.   “Nine out of ten Canadians use an addictive stimulant that has side effects that include miscarriages, anxiety and depression if used in excess. This drug can cause withdrawal symptoms such as headache and sleep problems. The drug? Caffeine!”  From My Perspective – Addictions, August 28, 2002.