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What happens to funding if I fail a course? A student asks what happens if she fails a class. For instance, if she fails a course or two, does she lose her student loan? And if she pays it back, can she then re-access funding? Another student said that a fail required the student to pay for an entire semester independently. Once the courses were passed, funding was reinstated. However, the student says it also depends on the province where the student resides.


Advice for new overwhelmed adult learners. An adult student returning to school is overwhelmed with the full-time course load and has to relearn citation style guides. Another student suggests dividing the course over the allotted time frame with one week for catch-up, a four-week buffer before the contract end date, and a two-week buffer for exams. The student focuses on one course per day and suggests accessing Owl Purdue for guidance with citations.


AU aids remote learning, working, and homeschooling at campgrounds. @AthabascaU posts, “An #AthabascaU degree lets you learn from anywhere, which Uilani Ballay proved while studying in campgrounds during a 3-month cross-country trip—while also working remotely and homeschooling her son.”

Learn how to choose a methodology for your thesis. @aulibarchives posts, “Not sure how to limit your research to a particular methodology? Have a look at our Psychology Research Guide for instructions:”

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