Vintage Voice

Unearthing Classic Articles from Previous Issues of The Voice Magazine

AU students will be interested to know that October 20 is Information Overload Day (though perhaps that event should be marked every day.)  We waded through the archives to find some articles dealing with that concept.

Transferable skills.  Debbie Jabbour calls on her experience as a distance student to help in her new job involving counselling at a distance.  “Learning at a distance has made me aware of both the challenges and the benefits of non face-to-face communication, and I am intrigued by the possibilities of telephone and internet counselling.”  From My Perspective — A New Job: Part II, July 31, 2002.

Who’s googling you?  Sandra Livingston ponders the downside of readily-available personal information online.  “Most of us wouldn’t walk up to a complete stranger in the street (or another country, for that matter) and spill the most intimate or trivial or ridiculous aspects of our lives. Yet that’s what millions of people do every day, every time they post pictures or information about themselves on the Web.”  Editorial – A Tangle Web, April 27, 2007.