Why Should You Travel More as a Student?

Traveling as a student can be one of the most rewarding things since, not only does it help with learning beyond the classroom, it contributes to so much more personal growth and development than people realize.  Given that COVID-19 pandemic is behind us (or less restricting than it once was), travel is a great way to broaden our horizon and to make the most out of being a student.

More free time: For many students, there are natural breaks in between mid-term examinations, term-end essays and reading weeks.  These periods are perfect time to fly out or take a road trip.  Following graduation many students are plagued with additional responsibilities from family to full time work, or even having multiple sources of income and work that keep our lives busier than ever.  Despite the fact that many AU students are juggling these responsibilities already, school classes still give a sense of routine which can help predict when our next free time will be.  This could mean more opportunities to travel.

Fresh perspective on life: Sometimes studying can give a one-sided view of the topics in our textbooks.  However, traveling to a new city or country can give a fresh perspective on your academic goals.  It might change your outlook on your career or give you some ideas and guidance on what to pursue next.  For example, whenever I travel I am often reminded of the bigger picture.  I stop focusing on the miniscule details of my transcript that I dislike, and I focus on the bigger picture of what can I do with my current transcript.  Sometimes, time away from our daily routines is what gives the most insight into our own lives.  Travel can pave the way for future opportunities.  Many students who travel discover career paths they had never considered before.  International experiences can also lead to job offers and international work opportunities.  As the saying goes, don’t miss the forest for the trees.

Networking and friendships: For many students completing online courses, dealing with many of the routine duties of a student, from daily revision to watching online learning videos can be a lot.  Traveling can be a time to bond with friends and family members.  This gives a boost in morale that may be helpful when studying for the next big exam.  While taking care of our academic success is important, spending time with people we love through traveling can be a critical part of our self-care.

New skills: Traveling can be an asset on your resumé and in interviews.  For example, having traveled to many different parts of Europe, I was able to network with a variety of people from different backgrounds.  Employers often value candidates with international experience.  Experience outside of our own country can be a valuable test of our adaptability.  I find that travelling by myself or with a significant other makes me really think about where to best spend my resources and time.  For example, from booking a trip to researching worthwhile destinations can be a great learning experience.  When you arrive at your destination if there’s a language barrier, how will you problem-solve to tick off your bucket list to-dos? These are all things that are better experienced through doing rather than from reading in textbooks.


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