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Required class no longer offered for your degree? A student asks if anyone has ever had a course required for their degree that AU no longer offers.  Another student recommends speaking to an advisor about arranging a substitute course.


How a phone quiz at AU works.  A student asks about the format of a phone quiz for EDUC 317.  Another student responds to write down in advance the answers to the question, and the phone quiz moderator will choose the questions to be answered over the phone.


Advice for visiting learners at AU.  @AthabascaU posts, “If you’re looking to add an online course to your schedule and transfer credits back to your program, #AthabascaU is here to support your journey.  9 things visiting learners need to know to about taking an online course:”

How to find your library ID and log in.  @aulibarchives posts, “Where is my library ID and how do I log in? Find out the answers in our FAQs”

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