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AU time management tips. A student with two young children is struggling to balance motherhood and four classes. Suggestions include focusing on two classes while seeking an extension for the other two, reducing the number of classes, or using a “study with me” YouTube video that includes break timers. [Here is one example of such a YouTube video:]


Do extensions get marked on transcripts? A student asks if an extension appears on the transcript. Multiple students confirm that it doesn’t show up.


An academic counsellor discusses how to assess job satisfaction. @AthabascaU posts, “In the post-pandemic world, many people report feeling unhappy in their current careers. But is a lack of job satisfaction reason enough to leave? An #AthabascaU academic counsellor explains career values and how to properly assess job satisfaction.,”

Learn how to choose reliable references for your papers. @aulibarchives posts, ” Has your instructor asked you to use peer-reviewed sources? Or do you just want to know how to tell which sources are the most reliable? Visit our Peer-Review Research Guide for more information!”