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Register for a course when the prerequisite is incomplete. A student wants to register for a January course but hasn’t finished the prerequisite. Another student suggests contacting the course coordinator and committing to completing the prerequisite to get approval. A link to contact the coordinators is provided.:


Torn between career paths? Combine them! A student is conflicted between pursuing a career in nursing or computer science. Another student suggests combining both fields by working with medical devices. A third student recommends taking advantage of the fact that many IT careers require a background in healthcare.


How to let things go that hinder progress. @AthabascaU posts, ” Improving involves not just acquiring knowledge but also letting go of things that hinder progress. So, what can we do to unlearn effectively? AU’s @DrAlexMClark and @BaileySousa offer some insights. @ua_magazine”

How to search within a journal. @aulibarchives posts, ” Not sure how to search in a specific journal? Take a look at our FAQ for tips: #AULibrary.”

Do you want a business doctorate? @athabascaUBiz writes, “Are you interested in our Doctorate in Business Administration (#DBA) program? Join us Thursday, Dec. 14, at 3 p.m. MT for a live #webinar with a recruiter and the DBA Program Director! RSVP here”