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Book your exams for January 2-8 by December 20.  @athabascaUBiz writes, “AU will be closed from end of day Dec.  22, 2023, through Jan.  1, 2024.  If you intend to write exams the week of Jan.  2-8, 2024, you must plan ahead!”

Easy courses to take at AU.  A student inquires about easy AU courses.  Other students suggest CMIS 243, CMIS 311, COMM 243, HSVR 201, and ADMIN 233.

Want an MBA but don’t have a high GPA? A student with a poor undergraduate GPA wants an MBA but is successful in business.  Another student says no GMAT is needed, just an undergraduate degree with three years of management experience or eight years of experience without a degree, unless it’s an accelerated MBA.


Overview of how AU exams work.  @AthabascaU posts, “This high-level overview of how Athabasca University exams work will help you book and complete your exam with minimal stress so you can focus on what’s important: studying!”

Write a literature review for your thesis@aulibarchives posts, ” Do you need to do a Literature review? Check out our tutorial.  we’ll take you through the process